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Welcome to Florida Tree and Sod, Providing Tampa Bay Area with the Top Tree Care of Tree Maintenance, Trimming, Removal.

Why is Florida Tree and Sod is so Great!

We are your ideal choice for tree maintenance here in Florida!

Tree maintenance can be a huge burden to shoulder on your own. If you own a tree, then you need tree maintenance at least once a year.

There aren’t any exceptions. A lot of other companies here in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco County will take advantage of that fact by overcharging and under-delivering!

In Florida, hurricane season is a real concern every year, hiring a tree service at least once a year is an unspoken rule. Otherwise, if you neglect taking care of your trees you’re putting your high risk of damage to your property from either fallen limbs, or worse.

You need a company that’s both affordable, reliable, and trustworthy which is exactly what you’ll find at Florida Tree and Sod. We provide service to many areas between Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco County.

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Our Phenomenal Services

While looking for someone to do your tree maintenance, two of the first things you check out are the services they have to offer, and how much they cost.

At Florida Tree and Sod, we put the extra effort into both of them to ensure that our customers love them. Some of the most commonly used services we offer are tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, and tree planting. With each of these services, you get trained arborists, and an entire crew who show up to your location on time will be ready to work no matter where you live.

Our employees are hired with the purpose of providing optimum high-quality service instead of maintaining a high profit margin.

That means you get experienced professionals that can get the job done fast, and get it done right the first time!

Our experts don’t leave the location until any mess they may have made on your property is clean

In turn, that provides savings to you that’ll make our already cheap tree services such as tree trimming even more inexpensive.

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Tree Trimming, and Tree Pruning as a Part of Your Yearly Maintenance

To keep your property safe, our tree trimming service is the both the easiest, and most affordable option. Before our tree trimming specialists get started, our arborist will take a thorough inspection of a tree. If our arborist finds anything amiss, they’ll let you know immediately, and give you professional recommendations on how to proceed.

After your tree trimming, your property will be safe from tree damage for an entire year guaranteed with the exception with severe hurricane weather.

Tree pruning and tree trimming is the essential service of cutting away dead or dying branches for the sake of the rest of the tree. For fruit trees, tree pruning is essential to help with the growth of your fruit the next year.

Trimming larger trees can be incredibly dangerous to do on your own, but when you hire our tree trimming service you get a quick turn-around, and you won’t have to break a sweat!

To start experiencing this yourself, give us a quick call at Riverview Tree Services, and ask how quickly you can get your affordable estimate on your next tree trimming.

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The Best in Tree Removal Service

During hurricane season, if your tree has seen better days, then there’s a very likely chance the entire tree could come down. If it does, the falling tree could potentially cause thousands of dollars of damage to a house or car in the vicinity!

An easy way to ensure that your tree is in excellent health is with our tree trimming service.

Our arborist will always inform you of anything he notices while working on your tree every year!

Cutting down a tree is no easy task, and it’s not recommended to have done by anyone other than a professional tree cutting service.

We’ll come to your location with all of the tools necessary to get your tree cutting done quickly and then haul everything away.

Hiring Florida Tree and Sod for your tree cutting service ensures both safety and affordability. The only thing standing between you, and getting that tree cut down is a simple phone call. We’ll have it cut down in a small handful of hours, and will always give you an estimate before we start working.

We Do More Than Just Cut Them Down

Our tree maintenance company doesn’t only provide tree removal, but we’ll also plant new trees and trim your shrubs as well!

Tree planting isn’t easy as it sounds.

If your local tree planting service places a tree near the fence line of your property you'll either have to call a tree cutting service, or tree trimming enough times to drive you mad!

Even worse, if the tree planting service plants the tree near a structure, then as it grows, it’ll begin to destroy the building slowly over time. That includes concrete, your water lines, and anything else in its path!

Tree planting is a very easy way to add a beautiful new look to your yard, and add new trees to the world!

They’re gorgeous and are fantastic for the environment, as well, it will add value to your property!

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Stump Grinding Tree Stumps into Fresh Wood Chips

After getting your tree cut down, a stump grinding is always recommended. Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that tree stumps are harmless, but prolonging your stump grinding can also cause problems for your property as well. Not only do you not gain any horizontal space on your property, but if you don’t go through with stump removal, it can look horrible in your yard.

The primary concern, however, is after a while the stump will begin to die, leading to stump rot. Stump rot will not only leave a rotten mess in your yard, but a massive amount of insects will start to take refuge in it.

Our stump grinding will easily get rid of the stump at that point, but the insects will remain. It will provide fresh, healthy wood chips for your lawn that’ll help it grow!

Don’t wait for stump rot, call us at Florida Tree and Sod for a quick, affordable stump grinding!

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A Tree Service That Helps Our Local Businesses

Florida Tree and Sod is also the best commercial tree care company in Florida!

We’re a business as well, and we know how important appearances are for customers as well as what needs to be done to keep that business afloat. That’s why our tree maintenance on commercial properties is specifically tailored to what a business needs.

Whether it’s performing our services after your operational hours to ensure that your employees don’t have to work over the sound of a chainsaw, or inspections to ensure that your property is safe, our tree maintenance company has got you covered!

We’re the Ideal Company for Your Home’s Tree Maintenance

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime, but tree care doesn’t have to be a huge expense! You simply don’t spend that kind of money, and hard work without protecting it. To do that, Florida Tree and Sod should be part of your regular tree maintenance.

Your trees aren’t the only things you have to keep regularly maintained in your home. Just about everything decays over time so much that even your paint has to be reapplied every once in a while.

At Florida Tree and Sod we’ll make your regular tree maintenance one of the smallest parts of your yearly budget!

Whether it’s tree trimming, tree removal, or stump grinding, we will get it done so that you can get your maintenance done cheaply every year. We all have homes too and understand the conveniences you need to make your house a home.

Even if we’re cutting down a tree, we’ll keep our tree cutting operation contained so that it’s not a hindrance for you and your neighbors.

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