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Shrub Trimming and Removal Service

Trees and shrubs are an essential and vital part of your home or commercial property. They add beauty, aesthetic and value to your property. However, trees and shrubs need to be maintained through proper trimming and care. It’s important to keep your trees and shrubs regularly trimmed and groomed for the following three reasons:

* Aesthetics

* Health

* Safety

Trimming is important for shrubs and trees. It enhances the beauty of the tree or shrub. It also allows the trees or shrubs to get adequate sunshine and keeps them healthy and free from disease.

There are times also when trees or shrubs may need to be removed in order to protect life, property, or even make better use of your surroundings. In such situations, you’ll want to hire professionals to do the removal work for you. Our expert arborists at Florida Tree and Sod offer all these services, and more.

Our services include tree and shrub trimming and removal, the diagnosis and treatment of trees and shrubs that are showing signs of disease, and the selection of the trees and shrubs that are best suited for the microclimate of Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties. Need expert tree and shrub advice? We’re here to help!

Our expert arborists also understand soil fertility and water requirements. We understand which trees and plants will do well here, and which won’t. We can implement proper nutrition requirements and fertilization techniques. And we also recognize possible hazardous situations with trees or large shrubs in the occurrence of inclement weather or hurricanes.

We offer all of the above services and more. Our expert technicians specialize in the trimming and removal of trees and shrubs, and we offer these services at very reasonable rates.

Whether your property is large or small, whether you own a small home or a large commercial establishment, our expert arborists are here to help. Ready to increase your property’s beauty and value by trimming your trees or shrubs? Or perhaps you need some trees or shrubs removed?

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