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Stump Removal and Grinding Service - Let our expert team remove an annoying stump altogether from your property. Or maybe you prefer a stump to be ground down into wooden chips. Stumps can be a real nuisance. They can be aesthetically unappealing on a property. They can be a hazard to a lawnmower, a tripping hazard, or worse. Decaying tree stumps can also attract insects, such as termites, ants, beetles and other wood-boring pests. These pests could spread to a home. A tree stump is no easy task to remove, and it can be downright dangerous to perform on your own without the proper expertise and equipment. Whatever the stump removal job you require, let our expert and insured team handle it for you without any worries on your part. We have the proper equipment, expertise and experience to safely remove or grind a stump down (until it is on even ground with the earth around it) and into wooden chips.These wood chips are often used to fill in the hole left from the removed stump. The excess wood chips can also be used as mulch. Before beginning the stump grinding procedure, one of our trained experts will come to your home or property to evaluate the situation and give you an accurate, free estimate. If you would like a stump-free, smooth and safe lawn, give us a call

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