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Florida Tree and Sod specializes in Landscaping and Tree Care services of all shapes and sizes. We are native to Florida and offer the highest quality work and complete customer satisfaction.

Florida Tree and Sod serves the Tri-County area of Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco County, Florida. The owner has been cutting trees since he was 11 years old. “We take pride in a job well done and our number one priority is to serve our customer’s needs”, says the owner.

Florida Tree and Sod has a team of certified ISA arborists within the state of Florida. We are fully licensed and insured. We also have extensive experience working within the Florida landscape.

How we Work

We make the process simple for you to acquire our services. Learn more about the tree process removal.

1. Getting Started

The first important step is to give us a call and let’s discuss your needs, location, start date and what you would like us to work on.

2. Onsite Check

After we’ve determined what you need, we will send one of our specialists to perform safety checks, nearby obstacles, or hazards before commencing the job and planning. We will provide a quote after the assessment.

3. Work Starts

We will send the personnel and equipment needed on the job site. We will set everything up and work on the job until it is complete. We always conduct the final sweep to ensure that your property is in better condition than it started.


Tree Removal and Trimming

Anyone with trees knows how precious it is to find a quality tree care service that provides fast, affordable and safe removal of trees. We offer professional arborist support that extends beyond tree removal services into all areas of tree works.

Everything from property development and renovations, to risk mitigation and environmental preservation, can be helped by the extraction of obstructive or damaged trees. Tree removal is an essential part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your home and your community. Trees can become hazardous or obstructive in a number of ways.


Land Clearing

Do you have a large area of land on your property that needs to be cleared out? Maybe an area on your property contains items (such as trees, shrubs, plants, undergrowth, rocks, etc.) that need to be removed before you can install a garden, build or construct on that area? This job should be left to professionals with experience in excavation.


Bobcat Services & Hauling

Need trees, shrubs or wood lying around to get hauled? We offer hauling services with cleaning services alongside with it. We can clean up your landscape or backyard at your convenience. We also offer Bobcat services that is capable of clearing land and removing bushes.


Stump Grinding

Do you have one or more unsightly stumps on your property? Whether they were left there by a previous owner or you never got around to finishing clearing the lot? You’re left with tree stumps that are taking up valuable yard space and even making your yard unsafe. Give us a call! Grind your stumps and have your land cleared and pristine in no time.


Sod Installation

We install several kinds of sods in various locations including but not limited to your backyard, commercial area, park, golf course, etc – we have you covered. Whether your job is large or small, challenging or straightforward, we will gladly take your project on.

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Shrub Trimming & Removal

Our team will expertly prune, trim and maintain the shrubs (of all shapes and sizes) you have on your property. Pruning and trimming shrubs is one of our specialties. This is what keeps shrubs healthy and enhances their natural beauty. It also encourages the development of flowers and fruit. Let our experience go to work for you by properly pruning and trimming your shrubs, while using the right tools and right techniques for the job. Shrub removal is essential in keeping your property neat and tidy. It can also improve the health of your existing plants.


Storm Damage & Prevention

Storm Damage and Prevention Services – The severe storms and hurricanes within Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco County can cause quite a bit of damage to property and trees. Your tree’s health is our number one priority. We have methods of climbing up trees without the use of spiked climbing equipment. This type of spiked equipment can cause significant damage to a tree’s trunk.

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We take pride in our work and what makes us successful is how much our customers value our service.

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Hover/Swipe to see before and after!

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